NSC Safety Congress

Odyssey Partners to showcase safety solutions built on Microsoft 365 technology

Join us at the 2022 NSC Safety Congress & Expo and learn more about how Odyssey can help you realize the value of the software you already own.

  • Where: San Diego California
  • When: September 19-21, 2022

At the conference we will be showcasing two solutions built on Microsoft Office 365 technology that can be installed quickly and easily in your environment with likely no increase in licensing fees, immediately bringing value to you.

Safety Incident Management – Leverage your Microsoft 365 investment to create incident management process(es) which fit your business. Automate data collection and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reporting output so your safety staff can focus on facilitating a safer workplace rather than process curation.

Safety Conversations – Using the Power Apps platform, we create a system for preventative and reactive coaching that builds trust and commitment through listening, discussing and collaborating.

About Odyssey:

Odyssey Partners Consulting is a management consulting organization with decades of experience helping IT leaders succeed in their digital transformation journey and make pragmatic decisions to address real problems.

In the ever-changing world of IT, Odyssey Partners Consulting has what you need – production-ready, deployable solutions leveraging Microsoft365. We call these solutions Odyssey Essentials. Click here to see all the Odyssey Essentials currently available.

Contact Odyssey:

For more information on how Odyssey can help you, please email Shawn Hopper, Managing Partner at Odyssey, or call at 859-991-0575. You can also contact us through our website here.

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