Odyssey Essentials


Ready-to-Deploy Solutions Exclusively for Managed Services Clients


Enterprise Incidents & Issues – Centralized, easy place for employees to report actual and potential problems.

Safety Incident Management Leverage your O365 investment to create incident management process(es) which fits your business.  

Safety Conversations – Preventative and reactive coaching that builds trust and commitment through listening, discussing and collaborating.

Governance Site TemplateAdvance Wiki structure to house ALL baseline decision making criteria for your enterprise systems. 


Automated User Setup & O365 License Management – HRIS to AD (Active Directory) AutomationEnables automated, daily updates for Staff. Reduces manual effort. Ensures Microsoft License costs equate to the actual number of employees.

Ideas and EnhancementsLeverage Enterprise Planner Queue to capture feeds from multiple SharePoint or Web sites to create visibility to enterprise improvement requests/initiatives. 


Contract Approvals – Executive eyes-only process for managing ad hoc legal processes or standardize your procurement and approval processes using O365 in house tools.

Capital Expense Request (CER) FormMake fields required for faster decision making and track progress with SharePoint list management. 

New Vendor OnboardingMake sure ALL the right data is captured, audited, and entered in the correct systems to make onboarding vendors a standardized, uncomplicated process.  


Complex Task Readiness OversightWhere manual tasks are a cost of doing business, you need a tracking and review mechanism to make sure nothing falls through the cracks 

SharePoint Storage for Enterprise SystemsExisting storage solution which you already pay for can be used as a common file source for ALL applications. Avoid the cost of proprietary storage solutions! 

Virtual Machine Request – Enable your business to scale while maintaining oversight and cost control.


Extranet PortalInteract with contractors or vendors to support their efforts in growing your business.  Use O365 inhouse tools with add-ons to build a site with AD managed permissions.   

SharePoint RelaunchImproves adoption of your SharePoint investment by providing a toolkit to key super users. Increase productivity while reducing shadow IT risks and costs.